Destiny Expansion II: House of Wolves

Coming May 19, 2015. Prepare to Enter the Reef More »


Creation of the Hall of Legends

As we all know there are quite a few talented individuals within the E184. In an effort to celebrate the accomplishments of some as well as push others to higher levels, I have come up with the idea of the

Lord Saladbar cancelled our ECWC

Since the Iron Banner is rolling through the tower this week we are going to put the ECWC on hold. Go, grind and reroll! Special note – Start double checking those blue and green weapon engrams before you auto-dismantle! There

ECWC – Week of 4/21-4/26 (Plus Skirmish Tournament Info)


ECWC This idea comes from our fearless leader Troffsman – Speed Run – Weekly Heroic Strike (Lvl 30) – Full 3 man fireteams – No Void based weapons/abilities allowed (includes Voidwalker and Defender classes) – Allowed exploits: Speeding through initial

Echo184 Mentioned on


This week’s Community Focus is an interview with Mike LaPeter, the creator the and the person who brought us all together. During his interview, Mike specifically called us out! You can read the article at

Planet Destiny’s Take on No HoW Raid


This week Destiny players around the world have gotten a shot of adrenaline with all the recent news, myself included. We all knew House of Wolves was coming, but there’s nothing quite like a surprise teaser trailer and a deluge

Patch 1.1.2 is now live!


The patch notes for 1.1.2 have been released.  You can see them at the link below. Items of Note: VAULT SPACE! 24 armour slots, 36 weapon slots, and 24 general slots Audio Controls Item Locks Icebreaker no longer keeps

ECWC – Week of 4/14-4/19


Bring it in tight Guardians, time to get to know your enemy up close… Vault of Glass (Normal Mode): Conflux Checkpoint- – Start session at jump down; go to orbit once the mission objective changes to “Oracles” – Fewest deaths

Killin’ Crota with Troffsman – Episode 4


Cc12floz, W4r Gh0ul, SteelGreek, PoopShizzle, Troffsman, and eventually Lt T Harley delve back into the hellmouth once again to take on Crota.

Official House of Wolves Prologue


The release date has finally come! Watch the prologue that was just released today. Destiny Expansion II: House of Wolves will be available Tuesday, May 19, 2015.

Crucible Skirmish Tournament Update


Hello my fellow EC184 brethren! You all may have noticed at the beginning of the week that I updated the Crucible Skirmish tournament section with some sad news. Due to only one team signing up (cleverly name “A Fake Iron